How do I operate the Wolf Vision Document Cameras?

This guide will help you get started using the WolfVision doc cams in BECC and Morgan Hall

Garrett Livingston

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WolfVIsion Document Camera Quickstart

This guide will walk you through how to use the WolfVision Document Cameras found in BECC, PNIC, and Morgan Hall room 108.

There are unified controls for the Document cameras across Campus.

Simply use the Doc Cam button at the bottom left, just to the right of the “Instructor Solstice” button on the touch panel.

Both of these will pull up controls to zoom in and out, focus, and turn the light on and off. (Morgan Hall controls and lights shown below)

You can freeze the image so that students can read more easily, zoom in and out, and set the focus either manually or automatically.

You can also control the Doc Cam using the controls on the front of the camera

Note: The Zoom is controlled by the wheel on the top. (Highlighted in red in the image to the left.)

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