Helpful tips to connect and stay connected to Bradley's wireless and wired networks

Bryan Gibson

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Choose the right connection type

When you are using a non-mobile device such as a desktop or gaming console, we recommend that you connect to the network via a WIRED CONNECTION.

Wired connections are FASTER and more RELIABLE than wireless for gaming, streaming and any activity that requires moving large amounts of data across the network.

TURN OFF wireless devices when not in use, or if the device allows it, toggle off the wireless capabilities.  This preserves power/battery and also decreases the amount of interference caused by too many devices scanning for networks in one area at any one time.

If you don't have an Ethernet cable, you can visit the Service Desk in the library and request a FREE cable.

Wireless access points

If your room or apartment is equipped with a wireless access point, DO NOT at any time unplug the cable from the access point or from the wall jack.  This will cause a network fault and you will lose wireless connectivity temporarily.  

If your access point does not have a cable connected to it from the wall jack, you WILL NOT get a reliable wireless connection.  You may be able to connect, but you are most likely connecting to an adjacent access point which might not be very close, resulting in poor connections and slow speeds.  Visit the Service Desk for a replacement cable, and plug one end into the TOP RIGHT wall jack (marked DATA).

From the wall jack, there MUST be a cable connected to the YELLOW WAN port on the bookshelf model access point, OR the GRAY PASS-THRU port on the wall mounted access point.

Troubleshooting DO'S & DON'TS

Make sure WiFi is turned on in your device settingsDon't use custom DNS/DHCP settings
"Forget the network" and try to reconnectDon't use a static IP address
Make sure you are connecting to BUsecureDon't use BUguest

Still can't connect?

If you've tried all the above steps, you can try resetting your network settings.

For Apple devices: Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings (iOS 14 and below) OR Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Network Settings (iOS 15).

For Android devices: Settings > Back Up & Reset > Reset Network Settings > Reset Settings

NOTE: Android devices vary greatly from device to device, so the path to your network setting reset may be different from the one described above.  Refer to your device's user guide, or use Google or YouTube to search for instructions on resetting the network for your particular device.

We also recommend staying up-to-date with OS updates and try to avoid jailbreaking or rooting your device. 

Other common mistakes/misconceptions

If you cannot connect to BUsecure, DO NOT use BUguest or BUother as a back up plan. You will not be able to reach certain Bradley websites without being connected to BUsecure.

99% of BUsecure connection issues happen because of expired passwords.  If you aren't sure, it never hurts to change your password.  The BEST place to change your password is at  

Register your smartphone for use with our SMS Password Tool to get PIN codes sent to your phone via SMS.  If you forget your old password and security questions, you won't need to contact the Service Desk as long as you register your number.  You can do so at and select Sign Up or Update.

If you attempt to connect to the wired network, or to BUother wirelessly WITHOUT registering your device, you will have a bad time.  It may work temporarily, but you will eventually be disconnected without being registered.  Contact the Service Desk with the MAC address of your device and we will assist you with registration!

Contact us for help

If all else fails, contact the Service Desk or stop in with your device (if mobile) and ask for help! We will need to know when and where at on campus that you experienced issues, or if the issue is on-going, or if it happens every where on campus.  

Still need help? Message Us