Disallowed Network Devices

Bryan Gibson

Last Update vor 3 Monaten

"Illegal" Network devices:

Certain devices are not allowed to connect to the campus wifi, as they use too much bandwidth, or are not supported on an Enterprise network.

We do not support WiFi printers on campus but if a student wants to hook a printer up with a USB cable, we can help them install it.

We recommend that you use the ethernet port if your device has one because you will have a much faster and more reliable connection to the network. This is especially true with any gaming consoles or other gaming devices. Streaming HD and 4K video over a wired connection will also be much smoother than using WiFi.

Devices that require an alternate device to be used to control will not function correctly in an Enterprise network. A full list of devices that we will not register or support on the network can be found here:

  • Smart Bulbs (Phillips Hue, LIFX, etc.)
  • Google Chromecast and Google Home line of devices:
    • Chrome Cast/Chromecast Ultra
    • Google Hub
    • Google Home
    • Google Home Mini
  • Apple HomePod
  • Lovebox
  • Hubs and Switches
  • Cameras
  • Cars
    • Includes Teslas
  • Wireless printers
  • Hatch Restore

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