Why can't I connect to some Bradley websites from off-campus?

Claire Tesluk

Last Update il y a 3 ans

There may be several reasons why you can't connect to some Bradley websites, however, the most common reason is that you attempted to login unsuccessful 5 or more times unsuccessfully and in rapid succession.

Most importantly, SLOW DOWN. Because most password fields use dots to represent the characters you are typing, it may not be evident that you are making a mistake. If you slow down and take your time typing your password, you are less likely to make a mistake.

You may have recently changed your password and forgotten the new one, or your web browser may have cached the old password. Change it by navigating to https://www.bradley.edu/password reset and change it using your old password or security questions.

If you have tried 5 or more times, you will be locked out by security measures put in place to prevent hackers and malicious individuals from brute force attacks on your account. To get unblocked, go to ipchicken.com and make note of the IP address used by your computer on the internet, and contact the Service Desk. Provide your contact information and the IP address, which will be passed along to our information security team for unblocking.

In some cases your ISP may have blocked Bradley's websites for unknown reasons, so you may also want to contact them in the event that you have not been attempting to login to your account. Let us know that you have contacted them when you call or email for assistance and we can work with your ISP in case the previously mentioned methods don't work.

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