Moving Files from OneDrive to Google Drive

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Download your Files from your existing OneDrive:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on My Content in the left sidebar.

  3. Click on the Cloud files Location under My Content.

  4. Click on the Go to OneDrive button in the top right of the Cloud Files screen.

  5. If you only have a few files, you can click on the radio button to the left of the name of the file you want to export to Google Drive (the button appears when you mouse over the filename), then click on Download in the gray bar below the Search field.

  6. If you have multiple files, Microsoft does not allow you to select them all and download those directly. You will need to click on the blue +New button and select Folder. Name your folder in the box provided, then click Create.

  7. Click the radio button at the top of the file column to select all the files and folders in your list of files, then deselect the folder you created to contain all your files and folders. Click Move to in the gray bar. Locate the folder you just created, select it, then click the Move here button.

  8. Click the radio button next to the folder with all your files, then click Download in the gray bar. Your files will be downloaded as a .zip file to your Downloads folder. 

Import the downloaded files to Google Drive:

  1. Go to your Download folder and unzip or extract your files.

     a.  MacOS users will double-click the zip file to extract the zip. A new folder named OneDrive_year-month-day (OneDrive_2022-08-26 for example) will appear in your downloads.

     b.  Windows users can single-click the zip file and click on the Extract button in the menu bar of the window. A new folder named OneDrive_year-month-day (OneDrive_2022-08-26 for example) will appear in your downloads.

2. Go to and log into your Bradley account to bring up your Google Drive files.

3. Click on the +New button in the top of the left sidebar in Google Drive, then select Folder upload. Navigate to your Downloads folder, then locate the OneDrive folder that was extracted in Step 1 (a or b). Select it, then click on Upload, then when the verification window pops up, click Upload again.

4. Your files should now be saved to your Google Drive. Click on the folder to verify that all your files were imported.

Note: OneNote notebooks will NOT be downloaded to the zip file when you download files from OneDrive.

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