Which anti-malware software does the Service Desk recommend?

Claire Tesluk

Last Update منذ ٣ أعوام

For faculty and staff using Bradley-owned devices, you are already protected by CrowdStrike Falcon, an enterprise-grade security application. For those on Windows computers, Windows Defender is also pre-installed with Windows 10.

For students and anyone else using a personal laptop, we recommend using the free version of Malwarebytes from malwarebytes.com.

If your laptop came preinstalled with McAfee, Webroot, or Norton, and you are not paying for any of these services, we recommend that you remove them immediately and install Malwarebytes instead. Malwarebytes works on both Windows and Mac computers and is free to use and the free version works well without paying for a premium service. Webroot, McAfee, and Norton have all been known to interfere with the proper functionality of certain Bradley services including Canvas, Respondus, Zoom, and Google Meet. They have also been proven to be ineffective against malware infections that were otherwise detected by Malwarebytes.

if you have any questions about malware, malware removal, or anti-malware software, please contact us at (309) 677-2964.

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