How do I install and use the GlobalProtect VPN client?

Bryan Gibson

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In order to login to some of Bradley University's web applications from off-campus, such as BESS, you may be required to connect using the VPN client. The VPN client provides a secure tunnel to Bradley University's network, but requires special software and an active BUnetID and password to utilize.

Follow the instruction below to install and connect to Bradley's network using the VPN client:

Installation of the VPN client

1. Navigate to and click I Agree to accept the VPN Installer Disclaimer conditions.

2. Enter your BUnetID and password in the fields provided, BUT DO NOT PRESS ENTER.

3. Click the button corresponding to your computer and OS type, Windows 32/64-bit or macOS. (If you are a Windows user and are unsure of which button to select, choose the VPN for 64-bit Windows 7, 8, and 10.)

4. Once the file has finished downloading, follow the installation instructions below corresponding to your computer type:


1. Open the GlobalProtect64.msi file that you downloaded from the previous instructions.

2. Select Next at the setup Welcome screen.

3. Accept the default installation location by clicking Next > on the Select Installation Folder screen.

4. At the Confirm Installation screen, select Next > to proceed with installing the VPN client.

5. Click Close to exit the installer.


1. Open the GlobalProtect.pkg file downloaded from the previous instructions.

2. At the installer welcome screen, click on the Continue button.

3. Make sure there is a checkmark in the box next to GlobalProtect and click Continue.

4. Accept the standard installation location by clicking Install.

5. Enter your administrator password to proceed.

6. When the Installation was successful message appears, click Close then Move to Trash when prompted to finish.

Configuring the VPN client

1. Enter (staff) or (student) in the Portal box, then click Connect.

2. Enter your BUnetID and password in the GlobalProtect window (the client will remember this once it's connected).

3. Click Sign In.

You should now be connected to Bradley's network via the VPN client. If you cannot connect to the VPN portal, make sure that you have an active connection to the internet from your location. 

 If you are online, but still have connection issues, please contact the IT Service Desk at (309) 677-2964, by emailing [email protected], or chat with us or submit a ticket at

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