How do I setup a portable Projector and screen?

This guide will help you get started using a Projector and Screen borrowed from AV Services

Garrett Livingston

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Projector and Portable Screen Quickstart

This guide will walk you through how to use projectors and portable screens that you check out through AV Services/EMS.


In order to set up and operate the projector correctly, follow the coming steps:

1. Setup the projector cart so that it is about 10’ back from and centered horizontally within the edges of the screen

2. Plug in the power to the wall/cart (Note: if you plug it into the cart, you have to plug the cart into the wall before the projector will function.)

3. Then plug in the proper A/V cable(s) either HDMI or VGA+Audio.

4. Turn the Projector on using the buttons on the top.

5. Adjust the Lens for best image using the controls near the front on the top.

a. Confirm that the shutter is open (where applicable)

b. Adjust the zoom control to fit the image to the screen

c. Adjust the focus control

d. Apply keystone adjustment to square up the image

Tripod Screen

1. Set up the tripod legs/feet so that it is stable and not wobbly.

2. Extend the arm using the red release.

3. Rotate the screen 90 degrees clockwise (from standing behind the screen)

4. Raise the Screen bar using the handle

5. Once the screen is the desired height, hook the handle as seen above.

If these processes are unsuccessful, please put in a ticket with AV Services at or call 677-2964 and we will respond as quickly as possible

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