My Bradley ID Card Isn't Working

Kali Sarver

Last Update 9 months ago

If your ID card is not working as intended, it is likely due to one of the following reasons:

If the card scanner turns red...

- Ensure that you have claimed your classes for the semester. If you have, then wait 24 hours for the payment to process. Your card will not scan into buildings until that has been processed.

- If you cannot access a building that you believe you should have access to for your major or minor, reach out to your academic advisor.

If your card does not scan at all...

- There is likely an issue with the chip in the card. Bring it by the IT Service Desk in the library to get a replacement. The cost is $5 for a replacement card due to chip failure.

- DO NOT place your ID card inside of your phone case or near any wireless charger. This could likely damage the chip and cause the card to stop working.

If all else fails, please bring your ID card to the IT Service Desk in the library so we can help you solve this issue.

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