How Do I Add QuickCash To My Card?

Kali Sarver

Last Update 9 months ago

eAccounts is the service used to add QuickCash to your account or view your available balances. If you are adding QuickCash to your card for the first time, you MUST access the eAccounts website from a computer. After that, you can sign into the website from a mobile device or through the eAccounts app.

Please note that when first logging into your account you will be required to complete an initial registration process using your BUNetID (username) and password. You will also be prompted to enter your customer number. For students, this is your student ID number. For faculty/staff, this is your employee ID number. Either of these can be found on your Bradley ID card.

If your account is LOCKED due to inactivity, reach out to the IT Service Desk at (309) 677-2964 to have your account unlocked.

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