Kyocera MFP PIN configuration

Bryan Gibson

Last Update hace 3 años

After the MFP is mapped:

  1. Close all open applications
  2. Open Word
  3. Select FILE from menu bar
  4. Select PRINT from FILE menu
  5. In the print dialog box choose the pulldown next to Printer and choose MFP name then in the same box choose the pulldown next to COPIES & PAGES.
  7. Click the JOB ACCOUNTING box and enter the PIN in the ACCOUNT ID: box
  8. Click on the arrow to the right of the PRESETS box and select SAVE CURRENT SETTINGS AS PRESET.
  9. Name the preset with a name of your choice. A recommended name would be building name + MFP (ex: OLIN MFP) The pin is now stored and will be available for all apps that print when the MFP preset is chosen (it will appear as the default if the MFP was the last device chosen to print).

When printing from Chrome, you must select “Print using system dialog” from the print menu to have the PIN sent to the MFP

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