How to use Airdrop

Ryan Dodd

Last Update 6 bulan yang lalu

What is Airdrop?

Airdrop is a file sharing feature that exists on most modern Apple products and allows you to share files with nearby Apple devices. Note you cannot Airdrop to non Apple products.

Turning on Airdrop

In order to use Airdrop, you must have Bluetooth enabled. Take a look at the quick action menu by swiping down on the top right of your iPad.

From here, hold the Bluetooth icon until you see an expanded menu that looks like the one below.

There are three choices for Airdrop.


You can receive airdrops from everyone from 10 minutes.


You cannot receive airdrops from anyone.

Contacts only:

If you use this option, you can only receive airdrops from people in your contacts.

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