5G Data Plan and International Information

Ryan Dodd

Last Update 5 maanden geleden

On Campus

Your iPad will work on the 5G T-Mobile network throughout all of campus. If there are areas of campus that you do not have connectivity to T-Mobile's network on, please reach out to the IT Service Desk and include the time, location, and date.


You get unlimited 2G data roaming in 215+ countries and destinations and unlimited video streaming at DVD quality. Please view T-Mobile's website to see if the country you plan to visit is supported by their network.

Off-Campus (In the US)

Anywhere that has T-Mobile coverage in the US will support your iPads 5G data plan.

Mobile Hotspot

Your iPad is capable of becoming a WiFi hotspot. Please note that when used in this way, you are limited to 10GB of 5G data a month through the hotspot.

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