Does Bradley manage my AppleID?

Bryan Gibson

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The Digitally Connected Campus program provides students, faculty and student-facing staff members with a Bradley-managed iPad, courtesy of our partnership with Apple and T-Mobile. 

Although the devices are managed by Bradley, your AppleID and the data contained therein ARE NOT visible to, nor modifiable by, Endpoint & Client Services with the Division of Information Technology.

We have the ability to remove the passcode you set to unlock the device, but your AppleID and password must be managed by you through Apple. Follow the steps below to change your AppleID password.**

Resetting your AppleID Password

1. Navigate to

2. Click on Forgot password?

3. Enter the email address you used to create your AppleID and the captcha code in the field below.

4. Confirm the phone number associated with your AppleID. A two-digit hint is provided, in case you don't recall the number.

Depending on the trusted devices associated with your AppleID, your choices above may vary.

The following instructions apply to resetting the password via a Mac laptop.

5. After clicking on Show in the notification shown in the upper right corner of your MacBook screen, you will get the following pop-up:

Click on the Reset Password button.

6. Confirm your choice by entering the password to log in to your MacBook.

7. Click Allow after entering your MacBook password.

8. Enter your new AppleID password into the New password field while following the guidelines provided. Verify your new password by typing it again in the second field labeled Verify password.  Click Continue to complete the reset process.

**Bradley University's Division of Information Technology DOES NOT support your AppleID. Beyond the information provided above, if you are unable to access your account, you will need to reach out to Apple on your own behalf. You can find their contact information on their website at

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