How to configure your Bradley student email on a mobile device

Bryan Gibson

Last Update il y a 3 ans

There are several options for configuring your Bradley mail on your mobile devices such as an Android phone or tablet or an iPhone or iPad.

The easiest way is by installing Google's Gmail app which is installed by default on most Android devices, or available to download on Apple devices. 

You can also configure the native email app on your Android device or iOS device using the instructions below:

Email: Enter your full Bradley student email address, ex.--[email protected]

Password: your regular Bradley account password

Hostname (Incoming Server):

Port: 993

Security: SSL

Hostname (Outgoing Server):

Port: 465

Security: SSL/TLS

*Native email or third-party email apps may need to be set up manually if automatically configuring a Gmail account is not an option. If manually configured, you will need to have "Less Secure App Access" enabled on your account. 

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