How do I send email to all majors and minors?

Bryan Gibson

Last Update 3 jaar geleden

To send to all students in a major or minor, address the email to [email protected] or [email protected] where:

• aaa is the 3-character college code.

• bbb is 3-character curriculum code.

• cc is 2-character concentration code, if any.

• d is 1-character teaching code, if any.

• yy is the last 2 digits of the year.

• tt is the semester code used by the Registrar's Office:

o FA - Fall

o SP - Spring

o JA - January Interim

o J2 - January Study Abroad

o M1 - May 3-week Interim

o M2 - May 8-week Interim

o S1 - Summer Session 1

o S2 - Summer Session 2

o SA - Summer Study Abroad

If you omit -yytt, all students who are in the specified major or minor right when the message is sent will get the message. If you specify -yytt, all students who were (or will be) in the major or minor at any time during the specified semester (including those who added or dropped the major or minor during the semester) will get the message.

Note that incoming freshmen are not officially in their majors and minors until fall semester starts, so sending a message in late summer without -yytt will not cause the message to be sent to incoming freshmen with that major or minor. You must use -yytt to specify the fall semester if you want to include incoming freshman.

In aaa, bbb, cc and d, replace all spaces with the underscore character (_). It is not necessary to include trailing underscores. For example, the major College=BUS, Curriculum=ECO (Economics) has no concentration or teaching code. Although [email protected] will work, all that's needed is [email protected]. An underscore (including omitted trailing underscores) will only match a major code with a space in the corresponding position. Using "**" for cc or "*" for d will match anything in that position.

For example, there are 4 different types of Theatre majors:aaabbbccd CFATHE Theatre Arts CFATHEPE Theatre Arts (Performance)CFATHEPR Theatre Arts (Production) CFATHESTTTheatre Arts (Speech/Theatre Education)[email protected] will only include the first one.

cfathe** will only include the first three.  cfathe*** will include all four.

Another example is Mathematics, which has these codes:aaabbbccd LASMTH MathematicsLASMTH TMathematics (Secondary Ed)[email protected] would only include the first one.

[email protected] or lasmth**[email protected] would only include the second one.

lasmth__* or lasmth*** would include both aaabbbccd GRDE E Electrical Engineering would be [email protected]. Mail will be sent to the students' Bradley-provided address. Students only checking their email at other accounts (GMail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, etc.) will not see the message unless they have arranged forwarding from their Bradley mailboxes. Email must be sent from an or address. Upper/lower case does not matter for any part of the address. 

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