How do I pick up my documents that I submit through

Tim Wheat

Last Update 3 ปีที่แล้ว

Locate the nearest CPS station (see list and prices below). There will be a computer located next to the printers. Login to the computer using your Bradley Username. It will require you to swipe your ID through a scanner. Once you have swiped, you should be able to see all the documents you have submitted to the system and be able to print them.

Print Release Station Locations:

  • Library Reserve area
  • Library Circulation area
  • Library 2nd Floor (near CMC)
  • Westlake 015 (restricted access)
  • Garrett Center
  • Markin 53 (restricted access)
  • Campus Town
  • Constance 009
  • Geisert (outside the cafeteria)
  • Michel Student Center (by the front entrance)
  • Williams (vending alcove)
  • Harper (vending alcove)
  • University Hall
  • Heitz Hall (lounge)

Jobs that have been released (paid for) but fail to print are to be reported to the Service Desk at (309) 677-2964 for reprint or refund. Refunds will be credited back to Quick Cash.

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