Connecting an iPhone or iPad to BUsecure

Bryan Gibson

Last Update hace 2 meses

Apple has made the process of connecting your iPhone and iPad to enterprise-level Wireless Access Points easy for the consumer by not requiring you to configure several protocol settings which most Android users must to connect.

To connect your Apple device to the BUsecure network:

1. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi.

2. Tap BUsecure and enter your BUnetID and password when prompted

3. After a connection is established, we recommend that you tap the blue information icon next to BUsecure.

4. Toggle off the Private WiFi Address and Limit IP Tracking settings. 

NOTE: While we don't normally recommend turning security and privacy features off for personal devices, these settings do interfere with your ability to connect to IoT devices like Amazon Echos, enrollment, receiving and approving RapidIdentity push notifications, and general network connectivity. 

BUsecure is an enterprise-level wireless access point with enterprise grade security, therefore as long as you're connected to it, these settings are not necessary.

If you are not able to connect to BUsecure after following the instructions in this article, please reach out to the Service Desk at (309) 677-2964.

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