What are the basic system requirements for Bongo?

Bryan Gibson

Last Update 3 years ago

To ensure the best experience possible, please follow the requirements and recommendations below:


The supported browsers are Chrome, Microsoft Edge (Chromium) and Firefox. When using Bongo, you must be using one of those 3 browsers for full functionality. Your Internet browser must be up-to-date (installed or updated within the last month).

Note: Desktop share within Virtual Classroom meetings is only fully supported within Chrome and Microsoft Edge (Chromium). In Firefox, you can share a single application window.

Most browsers will update automatically (or have an option to do so). To check for pending updates, view Chrome instructions, Microsoft Edge (Chromium) instructions or Firefox instructions.

If you run into issues using Bongo, try (re)installing your browser, as your current browser may have too many add-ons or restrictions.


Video Assignments: at least 1 Mbps upload/download speed

Virtual Classroom Meetings: Speed requirements within Virtual Classroom depend on the features used during the meeting. Please review this article to calculate the speed needed for your session.

If you want to check your network speed independently of a Video Assignment or Virtual Classroom Meeting, you can check HERE.

As a general rule, the better your internet connection, the better experience you will have.  The Service Desk recommends that you use a wired connection to the network whenever possible for best results!


Recommended Devices

  • Mac/PC
  • Desktop/Laptop

Supported Devices

  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android/Tablet

    Learn more about device compatibility here.


You must have a webcam and microphone working with your computer (most are built-in). If you don’t have a built-in webcam/mic, they can be purchased and plugged into your computer.

To find your mic/webcam settings, review your computer documentation.


On a mobile device, you can access Bongo through a browser.  

At this time, the following features are not supported on mobile:

  • Desktop share when recording videos within Individual Project and Group Project assignments, as well as in Virtual Classroom

External Recorders

You can also use an external video camera or mobile device to record and upload videos for Individual Project and Group Project (Q&A and Interactive Video responses must be recorded within the assignment).

NOTE: The maximum video file size is 20GB. Please note that the larger your file size, the longer uploading, and processing times will take - especially if you have a poor internet connection.

If you need to reduce the file size or trim the starting/ending points, use a standard program like iMovie (Mac) or Wondershare. These programs should be on your computer or be easy to add.

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