I know I'm typing in my password correctly, why doesn't it work?

Claire Tesluk

Last Update 3 years ago

If you have difficulty signing in to the Bradley Single Sign On Service or you cannot login to your Windows machine connected to Bradley's network, there are a couple of troubleshooting tasks you can complete.

Clear the Browser Cache

If you saved your login information when signing in to any of Bradley's web services that require the use of the single sign-on service (Sakai, Webster, AcInquire, MyBU, etc), sometimes that information is stored in the browser cache and needs to be cleared out.

You can use incognito mode or private mode, depending on what your browser of choice calls it, which will not retain any login information and is a good way to test if the issue is caused by caching.

If the issue is caching, you need to clear your browser cache. You can clear your cache by following these instructions.

Mis-typed Passwords

Sometimes it can be easy to mis-type your password when logging in. You can use the password test application to verify whether or not you are typing it correctly. The application will return results based on the password stored in the Active Directory and LDAP systems. If the verification fails, carefully type your password in again, and make sure that the Caps Lock on the keyboard is not on, and that you are not accidentally typing extra keystrokes.

If you successfully verify that your password is correct, you may need to perform a password reset, or contact the IT Service Desk for an administrative password reset (EIA).

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