How do I reset my Bradley password

Claire Tesluk

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There are multiple options available for resetting your Bradley password. After getting your password reset we recommend going to and selecting Sign Up or Update. Here you can register a phone number to be used for future password resets.

If you can still sign in

If you cannot sign in

If you've previously registered a phone number for password resets

If you haven't registered a phone number for password resets

  • Go to
  • Select Security Questions
  • Enter your BUnetID
  • Answer the security questions (Note: the security questions are case sensitive)
  • Enter your new password twice

If none of the above worked

If none of the options listed above were able to get your password reset please call the IT Service Desk at (309) 677-2964. After verifying your information they will have you go to and provide you with a PIN code to reset your password.

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