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Device registration is necessary for your device to work properly with Bradley's network.  Think of it as a simple gatekeeper application that allows certain devices onto the network while keeping unauthorized devices out, like a firewall.  This prevents anyone outside of Bradley from coming on to campus and plugging a device into an ethernet port, whether their intentions are nefarious or not.  

All wired devices have to be registered to access Bradley's network.  As long as the device has an ethernet port available, it should be registered for use on the wired network even if it has the ability to connect wirelessly. 

Any device that DOES NOT have the ability to connect to a wired network will need to connect wirelessly.  Some devices such as your smartphone can (and SHOULD) connect to BUsecure* using your BUnetID and password.  This is the MOST SECURE method of connecting to the wireless network and should ALWAYS be used over BUother, BUguest or BUsponsored unless directed to by the Service Desk.  

If your device is not compatible with enterprise-level security protocols such as a Google Home device, Nintendo Switch, Smart TV or other IoT device, then you will be permitted to register the device for use on the BUother wireless network. BUother requires registration before it will work, even though you do not have to use your Bradley credentials to log in to connect.  Registration provides a thin layer of protection, but you are responsible for the security and actions of your own device. 

To register a computer, such as a laptop or desktop:

  1. Plug one end of your Ethernet cable into the device and the other into an active wall port or access point, depending on what equipment your residence is equipped with.  
  2. Navigate to
  3. Your device's MAC address will automatically be retrieved.  Simply follow the on-screen instructions and your device should be registered within 15-30 minutes of completion.

To register any other type of device we will need to know:

  • The device's MAC address (some devices distinguish between a wireless/WLAN or Ethernet/wired MAC address)
  • Your Username (BUNetID)
  • Your building name

Once you have all this information you can call the Service Desk at (309) 677-2964 or submit a ticket at

Instructions on how to find your MAC address can be found here. If you need assistance obtaining your device's MAC address or your username (BUnetID) contact the Service Desk.

*If you connect to BUsecure and are ONLY asked for a password, someone is using a prohibited device. Disconnect from the connection IMMEDIATELY and report the issue and your location to the Service Desk. This type of activity will NOT be tolerated and will be reported to the office of Information Security and could result in expulsion from the University.

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