Configuring an Android device for BUsecure WiFi

Bryan Gibson

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Connecting to BUsecure on Android requires manually configuring the connection.

First, navigate through the phone's settings to where Wireless Access Points are listed. This is generally in Settings -> Network & Internet -> WIFI, or some similar location.

Tap on WiFi to select a wireless access point to connect to.

Once there, select BUsecure, and a configuration window will appear.

When the configuration window appears, enter the following information:

  • EAP method select PEAP (if not already selected for you).
  • Phase 2 authentication select MSCHAPV2 (if not already selected for you).
  • CA certificate select Use System Certificates or Default.
  • Online Certificate Status select Require status for all certificates.
  • Domain enter
  • Identity enter your BUNetID aka Bradley username.
  • Anonymous identity enter your BUNetID aka Bradley username or leave it blank.
  • Password enter your Bradley password.

After configuring the BUsecure connection, simply click the "Connect" button, and the connection should establish properly. 

**Note: Android screens and terminology may differ between manufacturers. The above screenshots were taken from a Samsung Galaxy phone running One UI 3 (Android 11).

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